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We believe in creating authentic moments that speak of your love and unique style. Tell your story at LAST.

A luxurious canvas for your heartfelt celebration

Our elegant and refined space is about telling your story.

In designing LAST, we thought about every logistic and chic detail that would allow you to feel taken care of and excited to get married here! As wedding professionals, we’ve created a warm and welcoming venue to elevate the wedding of your dreams.

Let’s celebrate your love!

Engagement Party

Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Reception

Modern Wedding Ceremony Venue

Distinctive Design

Why choose us

LAST was designed with dedicated research and thoughtful intention from the ground up. From conceptualizing stylish wall features for stunning backdrops to making sure our lights are dimmable to set the mood and create your desired ambiance, we’ve mapped out every inch of our venue down to the placement of the electrical outlets – charging your phone is necessary too!


Unique Perspectives

Who we are

Behind our venue are 3 BIPOC women who have a collective 20+ years of experiences in the wedding, event, and hospitality industries. Our passion for creating memorable wedding days is like no other and we’re always eager to provide our knowledge and support. We care about professionalism and will only recommend reputable vendors.

Edmonton Bridal Boutique

Thoughtful Touches

What we care about

Your experience is of utmost importance to us because we know how meaningful it is to celebrate the day you’ve been dreaming of. We are client focused and will help you to elevate your wedding plans. We strive to have every guest feel cared for and pay special attention to ensure we can provide a welcoming environment for all to enjoy.

Creative Freedom

We’ve created different wedding experiences to suit your taste. Whether you love our space the way it is or wish to dress it up with your chosen florals, rentals, and decor, we provide the perfect canvas for your vision. Our innovative design is client focus and encourages personalization.

In-house Bar & Cafe Services

We are the only venue in Edmonton with an in-house cafe. As a fully licensed business, curating your bar menu is just as important as providing thoughtful alternatives. Our service expertise is built upon our local and amazing partnerships in the liquor and coffee space.

Indoor & Outdoor Flow

Our independent building includes a patio and large garage opening for an indoor and outdoor experience. We love that you can see the high rises of downtown from our windows and celebrate in the heart of the city. Our location feels private with no bus line and our business neighbours only operate during the day.

Downtown Vibrancy

We love that Jasper Ave and 104 Street is a quick walk away! As a dog friendly space, Alexander Decoteau dog park is also just around the corner and Warehouse Park is less than a block in the making. We frequent downtown businesses and recommend them to you too. Our friends at Coast Hotel will be the perfect home for guests travelling in.

industry REferral

If you are looking for a modern venue for your next wedding or event, then look no further!

I can 100% recommend the LAST Modern Event Venue. I have had the honor to work with all three owners in the wedding industry and they are deeply passionate about the work that they do and proving clients with a lasting and memorable experience.

I was honored to attend two events at this venue and each one was well thought out, unique and given the blank canvas each event was able to be customized and not feel like the other.

Both the team and venue are exceptional and I encourage you to inquire with them.

-Rhea, Toi Box Designs

Elevate your wedding with us

Inquire today to learn about our wedding experiences and your investment.

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Your experience is our difference

In booking LAST, our customer service and communication processes are a step above. We value connecting with you and ensuring that you feel supported and cared for. We treat your wedding day as if it was our own!

The difference in hosting your celebration here is how much we emphasize providing an outstanding service from beginning to end. With our wedding experiences and passion for love, the memories created in our venue matters and are valuable moments worth sharing.

Modern Wedding Venue
Fairmont MacDonald Wedgewood Room

Thank you to Rianne Gabert Photography and Ebun Grace Photos for the wedding images.